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Windwalker Monk Changelog

Windwalker Monk v9 03/07/19

Added tracking for Rising Sun Kick cooldown reduction from T19 2-piece bonus.

Added tracking for Pressure Point (T20 4-piece bonus) proc usage.

Windwalker Monk v8 03/07/19

Changed max Hit Combo stacks from 8 to 6.

Calculates Fists of Fury cooldown reduction from T20 2-piece set bonus.

Windwalker Monk v7 03/07/19

Tracks damage dealt during Storm, Earth, and Fire.

Correctly shows clone damage separately during Fists of Fury.

Windwalker Monk v6 03/07/19

Added tracking for the total amount of cooldown reduction gained through Serenity.

Windwalker Monk v5 03/07/19

Tracks casts and damage done for Strike of the Windlord

Windwalker Monk v4 03/07/19

Shows how many times your SEF clones hit with Fists of Fury. Because their channel time is unaffected by haste, you may clip their last hit if you cast your next spell too early

Windwalker Monk v3 03/07/19

Gale Burst damage is displayed for each cast of Touch of Death.

Windwalker Monk v2 03/07/19

  • Flying Serpent Kick is now correctly tracked for mastery.
  • Cooldown reduction from haste is now considered when calculating the maximum casts possible of Rising Sun Kick and Fists of Fury
  • Chi gain/waste has been added to the resources tab

Windwalker Monk v1 03/07/19

Key Metrics:

  • Cast Efficiency of key spells
  • Hit Combo uptime
  • Mastery Effectiveness

Resources tab:

  • Time not Energy-Capped

Cooldowns tab

  • Fists of Fury Effectiveness
  • Spinning Crane Kick Effectiveness
  • Touch of Death Effectiveness