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Restoration Shaman Changelog

Restoration Shaman v3 03/07/19

Updated for patch 7.2.5.

Restoration Shaman v2 03/07/19

Key Metrics

  • Chain Heal - Hitting more than 4 targets
  • Tidal Waves - Not wasting procs
  • Tidal Waves - Proc usage
  • Ancestral Vigor Uptime

Cooldown Usage

  • Spirit Link Totem Effectiveness (Experimental)
  • Healing Tide Totem Effectiveness
  • Ascendance Effectiveness
  • Ancestral Guidance Effectiveness
  • Gift of the Queen Effectiveness
  • Cloudburst Totem Effectiveness

Restoration Shaman v1 03/07/19

Key Metrics

  • Healing Done

Resource Management

  • Healing Efficiency per Mana spent
  • Always Be Casting (Experimental)