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Restoration Druid Changelog

Restoration Druid v3 03/07/19

Added tracking for the total healing gained from Mastery: Harmony

Added tracking for Wild Growth healing.

Restoration Druid v2 03/07/19

Added tracking for healing gained by Essence of G'Hanir

Updated to 7.2.5

Restoration Druid v1 03/07/19

Key Metrics:

  • Healing Done
  • Cast Efficiency
  • Lifebloom Uptime
  • Rejuvenation Uptime
  • Mastery: Harmony Uptime

Resources tab:

  • Healing Efficiency per Mana spent
  • Soul of the Forest Proc Usage
  • Clearcasting Proc Usage

Cooldowns tab

  • Tranquility Effectiveness
  • Incarnation: Tree of Life Effectiveness