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Marksmanship Hunter Changelog

Marksmanship Hunter v5 02/01/17

Tracks when the last cast of Aimed Shot occured for each application of Vulnerable, if Patient Sniper is chosen as a talent.

Tracks your DPS while you have 30 stacks of Bullseye.

Marksmanship Hunter v3 10/26/16

Update for patch 7.1:

  • Vulnerable only stacks up to 2 times

Marksmanship Hunter v2 10/13/16

  • Tracks the amount of Focus gained/wasted throughout the fight.
  • Tracks the total number of Aimed Shots possible, by calculating the amount of Focus left over after casting your other key spells, in addition to your Lock and Load procs.
  • Tracks incorrect uses of Aimed Shot. Aimed Shot should only be used when the target is Vulnerable, or if you would cap Focus otherwise.
  • Copies of Aimed Shot generated by Legacy of the Windrunners are counted as a separate cast.
  • Added Bullseye to the cooldowns timeline

Marksmanship Hunter v1 08/03/16

Key Metrics:

  • Cast Efficiency
  • Marking Tragets Proc Usage
  • Vulnerable Uptime
  • Damage Dealt While Vulnerable

Resources tab:

  • Time not Focus-Capped

Cooldowns tab

  • Trueshot Effectiveness