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Havoc Demonhunter Changelog

Havoc Demonhunter v8 07/28/17

Changed Chaos Blades damage increase to 30%

Havoc Demonhunter v7 02/22/17

Added tracking to check that each Eye Beam tick hit more than one target.

Fixed some issues in the Cast Efficiency section

Havoc Demonhunter v5 10/05/16

Stopped tracking Fel Barrage casts, since the number of charges is untrackable, and the total number of casts possible was inaccurate.

Fixed a bug that was showing the wrong amount of Fury when Demon's Bite was cast.

Havoc Demonhunter v4 10/04/16

Improved detection of Momentum being refreshed too early. Refreshing early can be ok if you are hitting multiple targets with Fel Rush, and this section will now show if that was the case.

Havoc Demonhunter v3 10/03/16

Improved analysis of Momentum playstyle

  • Percent of important abilities cast during Momentum
    • Throw Glaive
    • Fury of the Illidari
    • Eye Beam
    • Fel Barrage
  • Number of times Momentum was refreshed too early
  • Fury Management
    • Fury gained during Momentum when not needed
    • Fury spent outside of Momentum when not needed

Added Fel Barrage tracking to the cooldowns tab

Havoc Demonhunter v2 09/16/16

Added support for the artifact weapon, and various talents.

Key Metrics:

  • Tracking casts of various talents.


  • Fel Devastation damage

Havoc Demonhunter v1 08/09/16

Key Metrics:

  • Cast Efficiency

Resources tab:

  • Time not Fury-Capped
  • Fury Gained

Cooldowns tab

  • Metamorphosis Effectiveness
  • Eye Beam Effectiveness