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Enhancement Shaman Changelog

Enhancement Shaman v3 08/01/17

Updated Tempest, Boulderfist, and Rockbiter to their current versions.

Added uptime tracking for Fury of Air and Lightning Crash.

Added Lightning Bolt to the casts section if the talent Overcharge is taken.

Added tracking for Hot Hand procs if the talent is taken.

Enhancement Shaman v2 10/21/16

Tracks times when you used Lava Lash too early (had less than 90 Maelstrom).

Enhancement Shaman v1 10/19/16

Key Metrics:

  • Damage Done
  • Cast Efficiency
  • Buff Uptime (Landslide/Boulderfist, Frostbrand)
  • Stormbringer Proc Usage

Resources tab:

  • Maelstrom Gained
  • Maelstrom Usage

Cooldowns tab

  • Doom Winds Effectiveness
  • Feral Spirit Effectiveness
  • Ascendance Effectiveness