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Brewmaster Monk Changelog

Brewmaster Monk v5 07/26/17

Updated base purify percent to 50% to 40%, and accounts for Staggering Around traits.

Accounts for Quick Sip's purify effect.

Brewmaster Monk v4 11/14/16

Added tracking of Brew-stache uptime

Brewmaster Monk v2 09/09/16

Added tracking for damage avoided through Exploding Keg's debuff.

Brewmaster Monk v1 07/29/16

Key Metrics:

  • Damage taken and healing received
  • Cast Efficiency

Resources tab:

  • Time not Energy-Capped
  • Ironskin Brew Effectiveness
  • Purifying Brew Effectiveness
  • Stagger Graph

Cooldowns tab

  • Dampen Harm Effectiveness
  • Diffuse Magic Effectiveness
  • Zen Meditation Effectiveness
  • Fortifying Brew Effectiveness

Health Graph