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Beastmastery Hunter Changelog

Beastmastery Hunter v2 03/07/19

Reduced Bestial Wrath's cd reduction from Dire Beast to 12 seconds.

Kill Command has been removed from the Cast Efficiency table, as it is too difficult to determine a realistic target number of casts. Instead, a new section in the Resources tab shows how much damage per focus was done with each ability, so you can see if you are spending too much focus on low-damage abilities.

Beastmastery Hunter v1 03/07/19

Key Metrics:

  • Damage Done
  • Cast Efficiency
  • Wild Call Proc Usage
  • Titan's Thunder Usage

Resources tab:

  • Time not Focus-Capped
  • Focus Gained/Wasted

Cooldowns tab

  • Bestial Wrath Effectiveness
  • Killer Cobra Effectiveness
  • Aspect of the Wild Effectiveness
  • Titan's Thunder Effectiveness
  • A Murder of Crows Effectiveness
  • Barrage Effectiveness
  • Stampede Effectiveness