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Assassination Rogue Changelog

Assassination Rogue v3 06/01/17

Fixed Vendetta tracking

Added tracking for Surge of Toxins uptime

Fixed Nightstalker tracking to look for either Garotte or Rupture

Assassination Rogue v2 01/27/17

Cooldown Usage

  • Nightstalker/Subterfuge usage
    • Cast the buffed bleed with full Combo Points
    • Let the buffed bleed tick for its full duration

Assassination Rogue v1 12/05/16

Key Metrics

  • Rupture Uptime
  • Garrote Uptime
  • Lethal Poison Uptime

Cast Efficiency

Resource Management

  • Time not Energy-Capped
  • Combo Points Gained
  • Combo Points Usage
    • Rupture
    • Envenom